NSI: Where Surplus
Meets Success.


Replenish capital, protect your brand image, and sell excess inventory without disrupting the market price.


Stock your shelves with brand name products that sell.

Helping businesses Navigate Surplus Inventory in ALL consumer goods categorizes primarily in electronics and educational toys for nearly 20 years. Welcome to NSI: Where inventory liquidation becomes a business asset.

Don’t Just Sell Excess Inventory — Give it New Life.

Surplus reimagined. Partnerships realized.

You deserve more than lowball offers and one-sided deals.

That’s why, at NSI, we’re your partner, not just your buyer. We’re not just changing the inventory liquidation game — we’re rewriting the rulebook.

We go beyond the conventional, creating a bridge between manufacturers and the marketplace.

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Our mission is simple yet powerful: To empower both sides of the transaction.

NSI Vendor Services: Let Us Serve You.

Your inventory is an investment. Let us help sell it for you, including any:
  • Closeout Inventory
  • End-of-life (EOL) Inventory
  • Overstock Inventory
  • Refurbished Inventory

Inventory Liquidation

Transform closeout, EOL, overstock, or refurbished products into value through our seamless inventory liquidation services.

Global Distribution

Reach new heights with our extensive distribution network, connecting your products with a worldwide audience.

Renewed Partnerships

Reimagine the inventory liquidation process with our partner-centric approach, where collaboration is the cornerstone of success.

NSI Wholesale & Consumer Services: Deals, Delivered.

Looking for Name Brand products at a discount? Get up to 70% electronics, educational toys,
and other products from Tier 1 brands.


Unlock up to 70% savings on brand-new closeout, end-of-life (EOL), and overstock inventory.

Factory Recertified

Experience premium assurance with manufacturer warranties on inventory that's as good as new.

Renewed Products

Trust our curated refurbished inventory, ensuring quality backed by credible third parties.

Product Sourcing

Seamlessly locate hard-to-find, end-of-life products for a diverse market.

Marketplace Strategy

Forge new sales channels through our cost-effective global market testing and marketing strategies.

Selling Excess Inventory for Some of the Best Brands in the Business.

What our partners say about NSI.

Meet NSI: Your Partners in Inventory & Innovation.

Experts in inventory
liquidation since 2004.
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Challenging the Inventory Liquidation Industry.

For nearly 20 years, we've been reshaping the global merchant landscape by breathing new life into our partners’ inventory. We’re not just another business looking for a transaction: We’re a service. A partner. A resource

It’s Only a “Win”
if it’s a Win-Win.

We’re committed to fostering symbiotic relationships with manufacturers and wholesalers, weaving trust, reliability, and integrity into every facet of our operations.

Others See a Problem.
We See Potential.

Excess, end-of-life, or closeout products don’t have to be a problem. With strategy and expertise, they can be reimagined and renewed for profit, for manufacturers and wholesalers alike.

As a result: We empower vendors, wholesalers, and customers to reimagine what's possible.
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Reach out to explore our extensive range of products and services tailored to meet your unique needs.

With NSI, you’re not just selling or accessing inventory — you’re embracing a new era of commerce where collaboration and innovation reign. Whether you’re a vendor seeking a strategic partner or a wholesale customer looking for top-tier brands at unbeatable prices, NSI is your key to unlocking profit potential.

Join us in changing the global merchant landscape, one partnership at a time.